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We are a licensed fumigation operator with our own truck and equipment. We offer a full 5 YEAR “No Excuses” GUARANTEE with our “ACCU-RATE” fumigation process. When you choose Key Termite and Pest Control to eliminate your termite problem, you don’t get a guarantee full of loopholes. Our fumigators focus on property protection and quality of work, not how fast we can get in and out. We are confident that you will be pleased with our work, because if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. If the original Drywood Termite infestation is found to be active within 5 years of the fumigation date, we will return and fumigate the structure as described in the original report at no charge. Since the implementation of the “ACCU-RATE” process, failure has become practically impossible.

THE “ACCU-RATE” PROCESS: Fumigation in general has always been the most reliable way to eliminate ALL Drywood Termite infestation from a structure. However, the rare failure had long been perplexing. IF the structure has been measured accurately and IF the fumigator has properly estimated the variables of gas containment and IF the dosage rate declines at the anticipated rate, a failed fumigation is practically impossible. Too many “IF’s” in one process for us. “ACCU-RATE” means that we actually VERIFY the structure size and dosage rate beginning to end on EVERY fumigation. The technology has been around for many years, but very few have stepped up to the plate to incorporate the additional equipment and labor into their process on every fumigation. The use state of the art monitoring devices to measure gas concentrations has been the KEY. By knowing the initial gas concentrations we are able to confirm that the building was properly measured and by measuring the concentrations before tarp removal, we can confidently verify that the required dosage was maintained. Occasionally in our own fumigation processes we have run into gas concentrations initially too low (under measured building) or concentration declines (seal condition) that were not anticipated. Since we monitor gas levels on all fumigations we adjusted the concentrations and/or exposure period to compensate for the shortfall. Guaranteed success! In addition, through our ACCU-RATE process we have gained unprecedented knowledge of specific circumstances that cause unexpected gas loss during a fumigation. We have used this knowledge to adjust our procedures for the best possible result, guaranteed. We have identified which structure types are routinely under shot almost every time and borderline failure even by factory recommended rates.




THE FUMIGATION BID: Either in a Complete Inspection report or Limited Inspection report, a bid to Fumigate your home for the elimination of wood destroying pests (usually Drywood Termites) may be offered. Based upon the inspectors measurements and volume calculations, he will offer a bid to fumigate your home based on the amount of air space to be fumigated and fumigation difficulty. As more than one bid may be obtained by a customer, he must do his best to measure the building as accurately as possible if the fumigation is to be successful without overestimating the size and possibly losing the bid because of price. Most consumers are knowledgeable enough to know you get what you pay for. A good Termite Operator will accurately measure the building, offer a competitive bid, and use a fumigator of good reputation. You will generally find these bids somewhere in the middle. The low bids may indicate under measurement or a lower quality Subcontract Fumigator.

THE STANDARD FUMIGATION: Termite control companies, at least in our area, do not do their own fumigation work. Their focus is mainly on detection and sales. Fumigation work is almost always subcontracted to another company. Most termite operators can only offer what a Subcontract Fumigator has to offer. The tarps and equipment for sealing the structure are standard. The use of Sulfuryl Fluoride (Vikane) gas is also standard. However, guarantees will vary from 1 to 3 years. There are still good subcontract fumigators out there, but attention to detail varies from company to company. The nature of a subcontract relationship means that Subcontract Fumigators must compete for business from the Termite Companies in our area. Cutting costs to stay competitive is almost a necessity for a Subcontract Fumigator to stay in business. A good subcontractor is generally a little more expensive and focuses on work quality and reputation. You will tend to get what you pay for. The main focus in staying competitive is always minimizing labor and materials. Squeezing down labor expense can give cause for a hurried fumigation and less than optimum seal (faster gas loss). Squeezing down material expense can cause 2 problems; Inferior or worn equipment and pressure to conserve fumigant (the biggest fumigation expense). Combine these cost cutting factors with the competitive pressure a Subcontract Fumigator faces, and you have a recipe for a failed fumigation. Subcontract Fumigators (even the good ones) who do not monitor every job will never know it may have failed.





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