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Pest Control Santa Maria, CA Trusts

pest control santa maria ca

At Key Termite & Pest Control, we offer over 75 years of collective experience to provide the safe and effective pest control Santa Maria, CA homeowners depend on. Unlike many exterminators, we put people before profits. We pride ourselves on integrity, bringing our best methods and products to every project, leaving every customer satisfied and every property pest-free.


Are you concerned that you may have termites in Santa Maria, CA? Termites are nothing to be ashamed of — as nature’s recyclers, they are an integral part of nearly every environment that has wood for them to eat. But when these insects make their way indoors and start eating away at your house’s structural woodwork, they can be an expensive, dangerous problem if left unchecked. If you think your home may have termites, schedule an inspection with Key Termite & Pest Control, free of charge, and our experienced pest control professionals will locate the infestation. If we find termites, we will provide a free on-site estimate for treatment options available to you.

Key’s “ACCU-RATE” fumigation process is the industry leader in termite treatment. Our Santa Maria, CA termite experts use state-of-the-art measurement and monitoring to ensure every portion of your building gets an equal, adequate dose, leaving termites nowhere to hide. We are so confident in our “ACCU-RATE” fumigation eliminating every termite that we offer a 5-year guarantee on termites in Santa Maria, CA. If the termites come back, we come back for another fumigation, at no cost to you!


No matter what is bugging you, we can find it and eliminate it. Our Central Coast pest management team has seen it all — insects, spiders, rodents, nuisance birds, and more — and has the experience and products to resolve and prevent almost any infestation.

Our pest control services include:

  • House and garden ant eradication
  • Bed bug treatment
  • Cockroach extermination
  • Mouse and rat trapping
  • Stinging insect management
  • Animal, bird, and wildlife control

If you are dealing with any of these pests, call Key Termite & Pest Control sooner rather than later to schedule an evaluation and estimate. Don’t let your problems multiply. Very few infestations go away on their own without treatment, and the more of the pest you have, the longer it takes (and more it costs) to get your home and peace of mind back.