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Single Family Residence



RPA Termite References

For those who prefer including the Termite Report in the escrow process, you must check the box in paragraph 7.A.(2) or 7.A.(3) of the Purchase Agreement and specify a Termite Report. Paragraph 7 clearly specifies that “it does not determine who is to pay for any work recommended or identified in the Report,” only who is paying for the Report. The buyer always has the option to order their own inspection even if the Seller has provided a report. Paragraph 12.A.(ii) specifies what a standard Inspection Report should include.



Structures Included

The inspection should include the main residence and attached or abutted structures. All structures physically attached or physically touching the residence will be included in the report. This includes structures such as wood decks, patio covers and storage sheds. Detached structures such as a free standing garage may also be inspected upon request. Additional cost may apply. It may be beneficial to have one report prepared for the main residence only and have a separate report prepared for the detached structures. The Report prepared of the residence only is often adequate for satisfying lender concerns while the separate report on the detached structures provides additional disclosure. Also, please see our Termite Report Laws page for a detailed description for the requirements of a Termite Inspection and Report.



Further Inspection Recommended

Pay close attention to this category in the Inspection Report. Significant problems may exist in areas that were not accessible for visual inspection and may be well worth further investigation. Inaccessible wood decks are notorious for harboring hidden problems. We strongly advise that you speak directly to your inspector when Further Inspection is Recommended.